Interview with Laeticia Hallyday: She returns to Johnny’s tattoo of her totally naked …

Johnny tattoo

It was in “50’Inside”, Saturday December 11, 2021, Laeticia Hallyday returned to one of Johnny Hallyday‘s follies: A surprising tattoo done in 2015 on which she appears completely naked. At the time, the singer had published the result on social networks, as well as the original photo that had served as a model for the tattoo artist, the named Rick Walters, a tattoo legend living in Los Angeles.

It was a picture of me naked. When I saw him I said: ‘But wait, did you take a picture of me naked in a tattoo?’ It’s really embarrassing. This is a photo that you normally do. At first I was really shocked but afterwards it’s true that I found it very romantic.

I started when Jade came into our life [in 2004, and I got a tattoo fourteen times, Johnny a lot more “

Johnny tattoo

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