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4 months before his death Pierre Bachelet sang on stage his 30-year career.

Recorded in October 2004 at the Casino de Paris.

In his youth, Pierre Bachelet tried his hand at piano and electric guitar before starting a group, Les Volts. He moved away from the world of music by studying at the National School of Photography and Cinematography. With his diploma in hand, he went to Brazil to make the documentary Bahia meu Amor. After a promising start to his career in advertising, he returned to his first passion, singing.

In 1974, he composed the main title of the film Emmanuelle. His success was immediate, and he was sought out for other soundtracks, such as Coup de tête, Gwendoline, Histoire d´O. The following year, he founded the group Resonance in collaboration with Mat Camison. His solo career began with L’Atlantique, then he began the 1980s with Elle est d’ailleurs.

The title Les Corons becomes platinum disk, just like Vingt ans and Quelque part… c’est toujours ailleurs. He signs sensitive songs that reach a very large audience. Flo, L’Homme en blancSans toi, En l’an 2001Embrasse-la… He married three times, and has two children, Quentin and Yannick. On February 15, 2005, he died of lung cancer

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