Music Journey: Bonifacio, the pearl of southern Corsica.

Bonifacio is undoubtedly one of the best known tourist spots in Corsica. All the travelers who have stayed in Bonifacio have kept an unforgettable memory. Like Charles Quint or Napoleon Bonaparte, the writer Antoine Pasquin, known as Valery, was captivated by the site of Bonifacio. The city of Bonifacio would take its name from its founder, the Marquis Boniface, acquired in the year 830, but traces of Roman occupation testify to an ancient presence in the region, the city seeming to date from earlier still in the story.

Bonifacio, located in the far south of Corsica, is the southernmost French commune in mainland France. Its ramparts can be seen from afar with its gigantic limestone cliffs, all located nearly 60 meters above the sea. Throughout its history, Bonifacio has been confronted with the violence of enemy attacks, pushing engineers to constantly reinventing the defense system.

There are still real coralists in Bonifacio who dive to collect red gold from the Mediterranean. Some of them still have their own clothing workshops and sales shops, offering you to bring back an authentic and original jewel in real Bonifacio coral.

The many fishermen bring back fresh fish and lobsters daily in their nets, and when it comes to greed, Bonifacio Corail is a confectionery to be tested on the sea.

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