When Michael Jackson bleached his skin?

michael Jackson vitiligo

Many people still believe that Michael Jackson bleached his skin to white (that it was a deliberate cosmetic decision because he was ashamed of his skin color). Yet in the mid-1980s (in the Thriller years), Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes patches of pigmentation loss on the body.

As Michael Jackson did not want the spots caused by the disease to be visible, he had to resort to a whitening “treatment” on the exposed parts of his body such as the hands, the face,… and this in order to standardize the color of his skin. So technically he didn’t bleach his skin deliberately, but the disease started and he just wanted to speed up the process so he wouldn’t have any visible spots.

According to those close to him, he went to great lengths to hide using long-sleeved shirts, hats, gloves, sunglasses and masks.

When Jackson died in 2009, his autopsy definitely confirmed that he had vitiligo, as did his medical history.

Everything Michael Jackson’s autopsy report reveals:

For those who are skeptical, here is what the report carried out a few hours after his death indicates:

We learn in particular that Michael Jackson weighed only 55 kilos (for 1m75) and seemed to suffer from anorexia. He had nothing but pill residue in his stomach, ate only one very light meal a day.

The autopsy report describes a very fragile man.

Her hips, thighs and shoulders were covered in puncture marks, probably marks left by the painkiller injections.

The report specifies that the singer’s lips were tattooed in pink, his eyebrows and the edge of his eyelids in black, as well as the front of his scalp, tattooed in black in order to blend with his hair. His hair, precisely, was a wig literally stuck on his skull. Below, Michael Jackson was totally bald, his skull showing the scar of his severe burn suffered on the set of a Pepsi commercial in 1984 which will leave him with second and third degree burns.

It was after this incident that the King of Pop would have started to wear wigs regularly. It was also at this time that Michael Jackson would have started taking painkillers to relieve the pain of his burn, resulting in an addiction that would last for years, and eventually be fatal to him. “He took painkillers because of his burns and he obviously developed some sort of addiction,” his brother Tito once told the Daily Mirror.

And the autopsy reveals why Michael Jackson’s skin turned white:

The autopsy also reveals that his body also had numerous light and dark patches of skin found, which seems to confirm that he had vitiligo (a disease of the epidermis characterized by white patches (depigmentation) that appear and extend over any part of the skin. This pigmentary defect mainly affects the face, the extremities, the joints and the areas of friction.)

According to the report, the singer also had injuries to his shins, knees and back, suggesting a recent fall shortly before his death.

source : cnews

Beware, however, of some fake images that are circulating on the internet

When Michael Jackson bleached his skin?
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photo truquée de michael jackson
Fake photo of Michael Jackson bleached

Michael Jackson’s accident (serious burn while filming a commercial video for Pepsi)

The severe burn that Michael Jackson suffered while filming a Pepsi commercial in 1984 that left him with second and third degree burns.
Here is the video:

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