Locronan (Finistère) a medieval village out of time …

In Locronan reigns a deliciously “Gothic” atmosphere. This medieval city of bluish granite has very beautiful residences with remarkable architecture dating from the 15th to the 18th century, to such an extent that time seems to have stood still … It was Charles Daniélou, who was mayor in the years 1920, that the city owes to have kept its historical cachet. It was he who was the first to perceive the heritage interest of the city. And everything that has been built there since, has been in old stones recovered while respecting the spirit of the place.

Around the church, the roofs of the village are works of art. From its heyday, the village has retained a central paved square adorned with a well, the vast Saint Ronan church, Renaissance granite houses.

Listed as a Historic Monument since 1924, Locronan is one of the most prestigious sites in Brittany, due to its architectural quality. Many craftsmen have settled there. Located on a mountain, in an exceptional natural setting 5km from the sea, Locronan is also the starting point for many hiking and mountain biking tours. A true land of inspiration for artists, painters, writers, sculptors and filmmakers, the charm of this little Breton setting never leaves you indifferent.

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