The story of “Leeward”. Garou and Celine Dion shouldn’t have sung together.

We all know the title “Sous le vent” (Leeward). On the other hand, we know less about the story behind this song. Garou confided in the birth of this unexpected collaboration. Originally, the song “Sous le vent” was not intended to be a duet and appeared on the Quebec singer’s album “Seul”. At that time, Garou had René Angeli as manager who obviously wanted to listen to the models of the future album.

This song was actually a solo. I had recorded it. Céline, as I was working with her team, wanted to listen to all the demos. René calls me and he says: “Listen, there is Céline singing in the house, she puts on your song ‘Sous le vent’, she likes it. She can’t stop singing to it. She does vocals, harmonies.


René Angéli then proposed to the two artists to perform the title as a duet.

“Sous le vent” was a resounding success upon its release in 2011. It launched the career of Garou, known until then for his role as Quasimodo, in the musical “Notre-Dame de Paris”.

It’s beautiful because it happened in a very natural way.

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