The hedgehog waterfalls. In winter it is the great organ of Jura

The Hérisson waterfalls are one of the largest natural sites in Franche-Comté! They are located at a place called Val-Dessus, in Ménétrux en Joux.

At the heart of the lakes region, the Hedgehog has its source at Saut Girard. This torrent, made up of the waters of the Bonlieu and Ilay lakes, follows a 3.7 km route for a vertical drop of 805 meters and offers no less than 31 jumps and 7 waterfalls. The waterfall house at the start of the ride and trail provides information on the economy that was linked to the waterfall and on the site’s unique flora and fauna.

If the Hérisson waterfalls are the most famous and the most impressive in the region, you can discover many others as you travel through this region full of surprises.

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