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In 1987, the young Vanessa Paradis was a hit with “Joe the Taxi”

It was a certain Maria-José Léao Dos Santos, an emblematic figure of Parisian nights, who truly inspired the song. Indeed, this woman had been hired by a famous club, Le Privé located rue de Ponthieu in Paris, as the appointed taxi driver of this club frequented by many artists and precisely by the lyricist Etienne Roda-Gil. And it was thinking back to his many discussions at night, when Maria-José was bringing him home, that Etienne Roda-Gil wrote “Joe the taxi”.

With this song, Vanessa Paradis made all the TVs. But it was six years earlier, on May 3, 1981, that the then 9-year-old Vanessa first appeared on television. It was in L’école des fans, Jacques Martin’s program in which children came to sing songs in the presence of an artist. That day, the guest was Philippe Chatel and Vanessa came to perform the flagship title of the musical Emilie Jolie. It is thanks to her uncle, the actor Didier Pain, brother of her mother Corinne, that Vanessa participates in this show. Didier knows a lot of people in the entertainment world and as he knows that his niece dreams of becoming a singer, he does everything to help her. He is truly going to be the providential person in his career.

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