1972: “Comme ils disent” (As they say) an electroshock song

I live alone with mom, in a very old apartment, rue Sarasate … ” The power of this song remains intact today. Charles Aznavour denounced homophobia as no one said then.

J’habite seul avec maman, dans un très vieil appartement, rue Sarasate…” La puissance de cette chanson reste intacte de nos jours. Charles Aznavour  dénonçait l’homophobie comme personne ne le disait alors.

In the mouth of Aznavour, father in 1972 of five children from three different marriages, this assumed denunciation of homophobia was not obvious.

My entourage at the time advised me not to interpret it, at the risk of damaging my image. I nevertheless decided to run the risk because this subject was close to my heart and deserved that I take a stand.

Charles Aznavour

1972: "Comme ils disent" (As they say) an electroshock song

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