Discover « L’ours » a duo Christophe Maé / Youssou Ndour

The 2 artists come together for a duo in favor of the protection of the planet.

The images of the clip are by Yann-Arthus Bertrand and Remy Marion. The lyrics address the influence of global warming on the life of the polar bear.

« Yes this song took five years … I couldn’t find the chorus. I had found something, but there was something that bothered me, I didn’t like. I brought out this song several times, I wanted it, I didn’t want to neglect it, because I liked the verse, the theme speaks to me. I found it very original. And then during the confinement, I had the idea to bring an African melody there, to transport this bear to Africa. And there, it was obvious ”

Youssou N’Dour sings the chorus of this beautiful message.

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